Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Word of Testimony

To GOD be the glory!

This morning, I just want to share some recent events in order to encourage someone else. I am not one who seeks God to necessarily "give" me things and "do" extraordinary things for me, yet He still sees fit to bless and prosper those who serve Him.

Not many months ago, I was referred to a surgeon for what appeared to be some type of hole in my chest cavity. After some examinations, the surgeon decided that I had a hiatal hernia, which would require surgery. During my consultation, the surgeon, another doctor and a nurse all felt the hole. In fact, the surgeon put his fist in the hole and felt the same pressure I had been experiencing for almost three years. According to routine, they sent me to have some further tests and take a barium swallow, which would reveal the opening in an x-ray and/or ultrasound. Of course, I revisited the surgeon after that was done, only for him to close the door and sit before me in astonishment. The whole had disappeared!  I know this was God! The surgeon is a believer, and jokingly asked me if I'd sue him. Of course not! We both serve the same God, and he knew why the hole had disappeared just as much as I did. Before I could rejoice to my heart's content, my doctor was made aware of another situation in my body...

Basically, I had been suffering for many months from bloating and speratic weight gain. Many signs of lupus had begun to emerge, and my doctor had been running tests since the beginning of this year. Amidst all this, I began to suffer a variety of "female" issues as well. Tests and more tests were run, but the problem would not correct itself. Finally, I was sent to another specialist, who gave me medication in an effort to correct the problem. Now, I must say that during my younger years in ministry, God used me heavily in the healing ministry. He reminded me of this and said that He is restoring it. With that, I was also instructed by God NOT to take the medication. I was relieved, because the possible side effects were very serious. In fact, I was guaranteed to miss at least 10 days of work. Can I just tell you that God healed that condition as well? Many had been praying for me, but He was waiting only on my obedience to Him IN FAITH.

In addition to that, I am no longer having problems with the swelling. Blood tests that once had me in the "danger zone" for a lupus diagnosis have begun to show normal results again. The inexplicable weight gain has ceased, and I've lost 15 pounds in just 3 weeks. God is still able and willing to bless His people in TANGIBLE ways.

Even on my job, God reminded me that HE IS NOT MOCKED. We will certainly reap what we sow. I have worked diligently and faithfully in both ministry and on my job. Even in my family, I have served and worked as unto God. My marriage has taken a complete 180 degree turn in the last 3 months. My husband has transformed into a man of God that I didn't even think I'd ever see just 6 or 7 months ago. My children learn and speak daily of the Father. They know the Word of God and they know how to pray. In the last twelve months, God has increased my salary on the job by over 50%.

I am not saying that we should seek God for things. What I am saying is that He is able and willing to supply our needs. I still have problems and still have struggles, but I am so free right now. I love God and have served Him through pain, disappointment and confusion. He is truly a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

I have spent my last dime to travel and preach where God has instructed me to go. I have even gone with a word without any money in my pocket, yet God blesses every time. I was instructed never to sell the word He has given me and never to require an honorarium. Yet, the offerings that people have given into my bosom have been more than enough. God has blessed me and He has funded the ministry He has called me to. He has supplied the need. God is faithful, and He cannot lie.

Be encouraged today. I don't often share my personal experiences in this way, but I am rejoicing. I feel so free. God is moving in such a way as I've never seen before. In the last 30 days, I have seen deliverance take place like never before. I have literally felt my spirit yield completely to the Father in such a way that I knew I was only being used as a vessel. None of my words and thoughts came forth. What an honor to be used of God! Ministry requires service and labor. Ministry requires a heart to PLEASE GOD.

To those of you who are seeking Him and pressing your way, BE ENCOURAGED. Please be reminded, as the Father reminded me, that someone else needs to hear your testimony every now and then.

To GOD be the glory! Hallelujah!

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