Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Curse of Ungodly Alliance

2 Chr 19:2 Jehu son of Hanani, the seer, went out to meet him and said to Jehoshaphat, Should you help the ungodly and love those who hate the Lord? Because of this, wrath has gone out against you from the Lord.

God has been speaking about ungodly counsel and sinful alliances. Just a few weeks ago, He proclaimed that many are cursed because Achan is among them. Still, God has really been speaking about unequally yoked relationships tainting the Body of Christ.

I have been in a "silent" mode for about two weeks, and I thank God for the silence. I have heard Him so clearly in many ways, and been privileged to intercede on behalf of the Body of Christ. Even more, God is teaching me again how to TRAVAIL as He shows me those things that grieve His heart concerning His people.

In the Word of God, Jehoshaphat is described as a blessed king who understood service and worship. He was raised amongst priests and served other leaders called and ordained by God. However, he caught a glimpse of God's wrath when he entered into a covenant with an ungodly man, Ahab.

The seer was sent to Jehoshaphat to warn him and "teach him a lesson." He was challenged because he'd entered a covenant - a contract - with a man who was against God. He hated God and willfully disobeyed Him.

How many times have we entered covenants with those who hate God? How often do we support those who live in disobedience? We yoke together with those who fight against the Word of God.

God has really been speaking to me about politics this week. I began to think on all the things we "fight" in the name of human and "equal rights." Yet, we shy away when it's time to fight for God's will to be done in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our schools, on our jobs, and in the country as a whole. We donate to politicians if we believe they can lower gas prices, but we don't consider their vote in favor of abortion. We will even pray for their victory, in many cases, and allow them to campaign in God's house! It's a disgrace to our Father.

God is calling forth the army - an army of God that is willing to attack the spirit of anti-christ in every form. THIS IS THE SEASON OF THE MARTYR. This means some relationships need to be cut off. There are some covenants that must be forsaken, because they are bringing curses upon God's people, as in the case of Jehoshaphat when he joined forces with Ahab. God has shown me another "radical" movement of His people - those who refuse to bow down to the ways, thoughts and doctrines of this world.

I thank God for the boldness that is returning to many who have been hurt in the Body of Christ. There are many who have settled, because even the "church folk" bucked against them and their fight for holiness. Yet, there are some that are just called to a different level. There are some, a remnant, who understand true holiness. Now is the time for those to step to the front line. This is the season when true battles must be faced in the spirit. Be warned - those spiritual battles with be manifested in the natural. There will be casualties of the flesh. Sacrifice is required. Who is ready to count the losses as gain for Christ?

What alliances and covenants have we made? Do we attend churches with those who preach a "just do the best you can" message rather than holiness? Do we work for companies that have a blatant stand against the word of God? Do we welcome family members into our homes that do not respect the word of God? Do we send our children to schools that teach them tolerance for sin? At what level are we willing to sacrifice? Many say they would die for Christ and for the sake of the Gospel. Yet, we are not even willing to be UNCOMFORTABLE for Christ and the Gospel. Where are the martyrs? Where are the believers who are willing and prepared to lose spouses, jobs, children and even "church" friends for the sake of the Gospel?

God has dealt with me. I have seen some weaknesses where I thought I was strong. God has shown me the nicks and crannies where I have allowed compromise to creep in. I have seen areas where my boldness has waivered - where I allowed variance rather than strict adherence to the word of God. Father, I repent! I realize that I am called to a higher level of holiness and a greater responsibility - a higher call, no matter what others say. No longer will I be complacent when I miss perfection, just because someone says, "God knows your heart - He knows you did your best." No - God's way, all the way, or no way! I will no longer stand in agreement, making alliance with those who settle for less than what God requires. There are others that must realize the same. It's not vain or conceited to recognize that God has called some to a greater level than others.

With that said, this is a season to strengthen our alliance with the Father, realizing that others will be weakened and many will crumble! Is anybody ready to die today?

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