Sunday, August 12, 2007

Your Will be Done...Really?

Saints of God,

I am writing this morning to encourage you in the faith. Last Sunday, my Pastor preached concerning the vessels of honour, and this has resonated with me ever since. God is yet speaking about His people and our false securities. He is bringing light to our shortcomings in relationship with Him, and He desires His people to be comforted in knowing that we have not been forsaken. Many of us are going through trials and tribulations, wondering why God has not come to our rescue. The Word of the Lord for some of you this morning is this:

"I have not forsaken you," says the Father. "You are just being used of Me."

Please understand, this is not a word for everyone. It is a word for those who have been living holy, those who have labored in the Kingdom, but someone feel abandoned by God. This is word for those who have become discouraged because they cannot see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. This is a word of encouragement for those who seek only to please God, those who are hurting because you feel to have disappointed Him in some way, but don't know how. This is a word for those who are in the midst of a Job experience.

Rom 9:17 For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up, that I might shew my power in thee, and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth.
Rom 9:18 Therefore hath he mercy on whom he will have mercy, and whom he will he hardeneth.
Rom 9:19 Thou wilt say then unto me, Why doth he yet find fault? For who hath resisted his will?
Rom 9:20 Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus?
Rom 9:21 Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?

Who among you desires to be a vessel unto God? Who among you truly desires for His will to be done? Who among you is willing to become a living sacrifice unto God, which is your reasonable service?

Be reminded that a potter may use his invention in any way He chooses. A vessel of honor is one who is malleable. A vessel of honor is one who brings glory to the Creator, regardless of the situation. Many of us want to be a piece of pottery on display at the local museum, when God wants some of us to be used to dig up dirt in the trenches. Yes, there is a vase that sits in the museum, admired by people. It shines with beautiful colors and carries a hefty price tag, but has no labor of works. It has not purpose. Then, there is a clay vessel used for labor - to dig dirt or carry water. It breaks sometimes. It gets dirty quickly. Yet, it is used to accomplish a work and thereby brings honor to the Potter.

Are you truly willing to bow to God's will? I encourage those who have been called to be "vessels of honour" to keep your head up. Cease the complaining and be encouraged. God is using you. Can you truly be content in knowing that you are bringing Him glory, even if you feel dishonored? What is your true motive in ministry? What is your true purpose - to entertain men or to be used of God?


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