Sunday, October 16, 2005

Yes, Lord!!!

Praise the Lord!

This is not a post like most. Instead, God has me in a place of reflection today. A place where He is dealing with me on such a massive scale, as never before. I praise God for His goodness and His mercy. I am so thankful for the blood that Jesus shed, and I feel so privileged to even be called a child a God.

As I sat reflecting and praying, I felt such a peace. This is a peace like none other that I've felt before. I feel as if nothing can separate me from the love of God, and what a wonderful feeling that is! I've often stressed about bills, worried about my children and struggled within my marriage. While all those things are important, I am confident that the God I serve can make everything all right! Hallelujah! What a blessing it is just to rest in the bosom of our Father!

On Saturday, August 27 of this year, my life began a new transition in the Spirit. Amongst a company of prophets, I was ordained into the prophetic office, and God began to speak to me on an entirely different level. I thank God for Apostle and Prophetess Patterson. They have truly been a support to me during this shift in my life and ministry. I had no idea of all the changes that would take place in my, and so quickly. Yet, this man of woman of God have stood by, prayed for me, and mentored me from day one.

Much to my surprise, everything in my life began to shift. Even the people around me began to change. Some distance themselves while others were drawn closer. Despite my personal feelings, I could see God moving in every bit of the transition. Now, the Father has me in a quiet and alone place. I'm far from lonely, yet alone where I can hear His voice clearly. I am so humbled at all that I'm learning. I'm even amazed at all that God is brining to my remembrance...all I've gone through and experienced in preparation to walk in the new anointing upon my life. To God be the glory!

The Father is requiring more of me, and I want nothing more than to please Him. I desire to be used in ministry. I am ready to fight and operate in heavy spiritual warfare. People of God, time is winding down. God needs His soldiers in place, ready to work and fight - tools in one hand and weapons in the other! Yes!

I thank God for this ministry opportunity and for all He is doing in my life. Please pray for me, saints of God, as the transition continues. Each day brings a new revelation. I am excited - excited about ministry and excited about the move of God in my life. At the same time, I'm sober and conscious, knowing the enemy is working like never before. Yet, I have said "yes" and have no intention on changing my mind!

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