Monday, July 18, 2005

Chasing a Word - Hmmm...

It truly sickens me to see so many false prophets operating in the church today. Even moreso, it bothers me to know that so many "Christians" run around seeking a prophetic word. I believe this is the fault of the church. We must get back to the Word and back to a realationship with God.

I distinctly remember a moment when I was younger - about 17 or 18. My younger brother is three years younger than myself. This particular day, my Daddy was VERY UPSET with my brother. The three of us were sitting in the living room, and my father was so heating that he looked and me and said, "Joy, tell your brother over there to pack his mess and get out of this house!" It's funny when I think about it now, but the implication there was very serious. My father was literally sitting amongst both his children. Yet, his wrath was so great that he could not speak directly to his son. Instead, he relayed the message to me and told me to pass it along, as if my brother couldn't hear him. My, my, my...

What's your point, Joy? I'm glad you asked!

In the Old Testament days, prophets were despised and hated. Why? Because they spoke forth the wrath and judgment of God. While a few positive prophecies were spoken, most of them were prophesies of correction and consequence. It amazes me how prophets were so feared and reverenced then, yet they seem to be celebrities today. In fact, I don't even feel the need to list scriptures here. Every true prophet of the Bible brought the fear and respect of God along with the Word in their bellies.

Last night, I was thinking on this and the Lord gave me understanding. Do you know that many times, when God sends a true prophet our way, it's because He's so upset and we're so disobedient that He can't talk to us. Just like my natural Father, He has to send another one of His children to speak to us, when He's right there in the room!!! And what do we do? We rejoice like that's a good thing! Saints of God, we've got to get ourselves together!

Today, the Holy Spirit dwells within the believer and bears witness to the Word of God. He also teaches us all things. These so-called prophets who come around prophelying...I mean, prophesying...houses and cars all the time are not of God. Now, don't get me wrong. The Lord does send some prophesies that carry good news. On the other hand, prophesy should be confirming, meaning that it verifies something the believer should have already received directly from God. If this is the case, why is it a "good" thing to always chase a Word. Where is the fear of God?

Just like the scenario with my Father and my brother, if I hear God the first time, why would I always be seeking a confirming word? On the other hand, as God revealed to me, He sometimes has to speak through the REAL prophets, because his child has been disobedient and refuses to hear His voice. My God!

Saints, the "word" we seek is often not of God. Why do we always look to men to comfort our flesh, but account it to the Spirit? There should be fear and trembling in the presence of a prophet if they carry the true Word of God. There should be fear and trembling in the presence of a prophet if the believer is truly born again. They should be thinking, "if I miss God, I pray it's not because I missed Him."

Why is this not the case? Is it because we don't hear and recognize the voice of God as Christians, or is it because we're chasing the word of false prophets? After all, if we get to a place where we can hear God ourselves, we won't always need to chase a Word. The Lord will be able to release more confirming and comforting words to us.

A prophet of God is the mouthpiece of our Father, and deserves to be treated as such. Saints, we shouldn't be too comfortable around the living Word of God. In the same manner, thos of us who call ourselves prophets of God shouldn't be comfortable in every environment - around everything and amongs everybody. AMEN.

God is dealing... He is purging...

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