Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Stop Chewing

This word of prophecy is being posted with permission from a dear friend of mine with a powerful prophetic gift. This word from God agreed so much with my spirit that I had to post it hear. Take heed to the word of the LORD!

Stop Chewing
4th April 2005
Lanna Perry
Sydney Australia

My precious children, My precious possessions, My precious branches, heed the word I am to speak for My heart is grieved. My heart is grieved My children, because as each of you are connected to me the One and Only true Vine, yet many of you are doing things that I am not pleased with.

My precious branches, you know what I see? I see some of you chewing at other branches, chewing at others to try and disconnect them, being motivated by jealousy or deceit or by gossip and slander.

Have I not called My church to work together? Have I not called My precious jewels to work together for My Kingdom?Why do you compare? Why do you strive to be better than each other? Why have you allowed manipulation and control to come into My church? Why have you allowed these things to come in and pollute that which I am trying to purify.Look at your hearts My branches. Look at your hearts. Forgive those who have hurt you and bless those who curse you. Stop chewing at other branches. Stop chewing down others, to bring about disunity.Do you want to continue to chew and chew until others and continue to try and cut them off? Your words are cutting many down. Your words are cutting many people to the hearts My children. Listen to My words. I am speaking.LOVE! Did I not teach you through My word to love? So love one another.This is NOT how I have called My church to be. This is NOT my heart for the church. This is NOT what I want. This is NOT pleasing to me, it is displeasing, so repent. Unite, and love one another. Heap blessings on each other. Let go of grievances, let go, stop hindering My work, and allow Me to grow each of you and My church.Oh I long to shine through you My church, shine through you in love, complete love, but My love and light is hindered as you try to chew each other off.Show My love to each other. Allow Me to set you free from grievances and hurts. Stop chewing each other.How greatly do I love you? How greatly have I poured my love over you. I have spoken to each of you to love Me and love each other so LOVE.

Do not grieve My heart anymore. Repent. Repent of trying to chew others off from Me. Repent for your slander, bad words, gossip, hatred, unforgiveness and unclean hearts. Repent.I love each of you so much and I forgive you, but I the Lord your God will not tolerate some of My children allowing the enemy to use them to chew off other of My branches, My children.

I will not stand for it.My precious branches, My precious children, there are those of you who have been on the receiving end of this chewing. I want to say to you, continue to cleave to Me. Continue to cleave to Me the vine. Continue to allow Me to comfort you, and I will bring about justice for you.

I will bring about justice in your life, and I will prevail.

I hold each of you close to My hearts. I hold all of My children close.

My church, look at your hearts, let My Spirit clean you and cut off any strongholds of the enemy.

Stop chewing off other branches, stop causing disunity. UNITE.


Stop chewing and start blessing.

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