Thursday, April 07, 2005

Go Deeper...Beyond the Surface

My God! This prophetic Word came through my good friend in Australia, who just swims in the prophetic gift. It was a conviction and a blessing for me. Many times I find myself desiring to grown closer to God, yet I don't find the time after work, church, family and ministry to pray, fast, and read the Word. Well, there is no other way, so sacrifice is necessary on my part. God has been dealing with me about this over the last few weeks, so this word was so "on time" for me. I pray that it will bless someone on this site as well. I am pasting the words (with her permission) exactly as she recorded them. As it applies, please take heed to the Word of the LORD...

Go Beyond The Surface
7th April, 2005
The Word of the Lord, Given through Lanna Perry
Sydney Australia

Many of you are crying out to Me for the jewels you have been desiring, the revelations and the intimacy you have been desiring, yet you will not make the sacrifice to go beyond the surface.

Why do you want to remain just scratching the surface of knowing Me and My heart?

Do you think it is My heart for each of you to scratch the surface of Me? Surely not!

There is a depth to Me that is not known by many. There is a depth to My heart and Kingdom that few see. Few see, because few choose to go forward, and go below the surface.

I have called each of you to dig. Dig deep. As you dig deep it means that you must continue to die to yourself, and continue to see the state of your heart, but as you do, you fall more and more into My arms, knowing you cannot do anything alone. The revelation that you need Me, becomes so much more engrained in each of your hearts.

Many of you are starting to dig deep and what are you finding? JEWELS!

The jewels are hidden. The jewels of My heart and Kingdom are hidden. Hidden from the natural eye, but deep in Me. You, My children, My bride, will not see the jewels on the surface.

The jewels are deep. The jewels are found when you get your hands dirty in knowing Me. The jewels are found as you take steps away from all that has entangled you, all that has hurt you, and all that is worrying you, and take steps towards Me.Jewels are found as you take your eyes off your circumstances and onto Me. Jewels are found as you radically abandon your desires and plans and follow mine. Give all to Me. That is when you find jewels. When you do not rely on emotions, but on My Word wholeheartedly.

There is no instability in My kingdom, but if you remain at the surface, you are relying more on yourself, and your emotions, and not sacrificing for Me, and you become unstable. Thrown around by the wind and the waves.

As you dig deeper in Me church, you find jewels, and your roots are strengthened and watered.Stop feeding your flesh. Stop wasting your time, effort and money in feeding what will not last, what is unstable, and start investing your time, money and effort more into Me, and My Kingdom, then My Bride, you WILL see the jewels you desire.

Many of you know Me, and are still discontent, why? Because you are sitting on the surface, scratching the surface and not digging deeper into Me. Paying the price to go deep.

Wake Up, My Bride. Have you not realised what I am saying? What I continue to say over and over? Do not remain scratching the surface. Die to yourself, and come deeper.Many of you are making judgments on Me, that I am not good, that I am not providing that which you are continually calling out for. I always provide on time, but you must press in. I will not always come to you with what you desire on a silver platter. You must HUNGER and THIRST for that which you are desperate for. For if you are not hungry and thirsty for what you desire from Me, then you are not desperate. If My Bride, you are truly desperate for the jewels of knowing Me, and My heart, and the plans I have for My Kingdom, then press in.Go below the surface.

Stop spending all your lives on the surface, but do what I am telling you to do, to come deep. Then you will find the jewels you’ve always been desiring, and I promise you My Bride, once you have a taste of what is below the surface, you will NEVER go back. EVER.

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