Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I'm not a Victim, but a Victor through Christ!

Just to clarify, Catholicism did not author my faith. Constantine did not write my doctrine, nor any other "European" superpower. I am the seed and promise of Abraham, through Christ.

I don't need to pull a race card or time card to prove the authenticity of God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the single God referenced by thousands of manuscripts, including those claimed by numerous religions. That, my dear, does not contradict who He is, rather confirms it.

When the Egyptians, South Africans and East Asians scribed the tales of nations and miracles, it was my God, the True and Living God they wrote about. The Scriptures did not "steal" the idea, but were merely compilations of the same accounts witnessed by several others in the earth. Regardless of the "author", the works of the Creator remain the same, and the work of cross seals my inheritance.

So you see, oh radical one - the cross and the Holy Scriptures were not used to "keep my people in bondage". Other misguided people did that - ignorant ones. The cross, the Messiah and the word of God - THEY SET ME FREE!!!

No political or ethnic argument necessary!

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