Friday, July 31, 2015

What Would Your Local Church Say About You?

I routinely hear so many people complaining about their local churches.  While some are clearly out of order, God always has a remnant!  There are many local assemblies and fellowships that still carry the heart of God and demonstrate the fruit thereof.

That being said, here's a thought to ponder...

If your local church or assembly were your significant other or best friend, how would they feel?  Are you faithful?  Are you present?  Do you give the best of yourself?  Do you help "around the house?"  Do you expect them to give to you without you giving in return?  Do you communicate well with them?  Do you "disappear" without notice?  Do you talk negatively about them when they're not around?  Do you show up late for every date or appointment?  Do you negate everything they say?

Selah.   Really think about it...

A local church is only as good as its disciples.  If you are not a faithful and accountable disciple, YOU make your place of fellowship less then optimal.


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