Saturday, November 01, 2014

Women, Let's Deal with Lust and Seduction in the Church

The spirit of lust is very subtle, yet strong.  Despite what many believe, this spirit is not always demonstrated through fornication, adultery or another bold act of sexual sin.  Lustful spirits, unfortunately, have overtaken many in the church.

As a female, I want to encourage my sisters, including some who may not recognize this spirit upon them.  Lust is often paired with seduction, or the desire to be seducing.  It is evident in us, ladies, when we dress a certain way or adorn our bodies for the sole purpose of getting attention, even if it's not entertained.

I'm concerned to see so many young ladies and women in the church, even among those in ministry, who are falling prey to this deception.  There is a difference between looking nice, carrying oneself as a lady, and trying to be "sexy" for anyone other than your husband.  The longing for attention... the desire or misconception that every man "wants you" is something that needs to be dealt with.  This deception quickly opens the door to ungodly imaginations, pride, envy, arrogance or even a sense of rejection, when the desired attention is not returned.  Even more, this need for attention can eventually lead to fornication and other sexual immorality, including pornography and masturbation.

Some signs of this spirit (in women) include:
- A heightened concern over one's appearance
- Changes in the way one dresses (subtle provocative enhancements, such as suddenly showing cleavage)
- Thoughts about what others, typically men, think of your appearance
- An obsession with oneself, which may be expressed through arrogant conversation about one's good looks and/or the excessive sharing of "selfies" on social media
- The idea that everyone sees one in a sexual manner
- Temptation to indulge in sexual sin
- The need for attention and validation of one's appearance from others
- Allowing a relationship to become to familiar; anticipating interaction with a particular person for the attention, rather than the purpose of the relationship
- Sexual thoughts or fantasy about a person who is "off limits"
- Concern about a person that exceeds "your business" (wondering what their favorite meal may be or what they would do in imaginary scenarios that involve you)

There are many more, but I just want to bring attention to these few and really expose the enemy.  Women of God, we need to be on guard.  Some of us need to step up and become the "mothers" so many churches now lack.  If this spirit is toying with you, get help in the form of prayer and deliverance.  If you see it in others, approach your sister in love.  Correct, rebuke, and when necessary, cast it out!


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