Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Paul, Peter is Coming Back

Please hear God!

This is the season of the PRODIGAL son, daughter, sister, brother, friend, etc. in the Body of Christ.  As time winds up, God is restoring many covenant relationships that were severed due to offense and other devices of the enemy.

Will you receive them when they return?  Will you humble yourself and return?

We must be prayerful and wise, putting discernment to use.  The Lord revealed that many of us provide more trust and faith in strangers than we do those who have walked with us for years, but committed one transgression.  This is certainly to our shame.  Which is more important... the manifestation of God's power, or your feelings and ego?

The Kingdom of God is not in word, clicks or bonds.  Mature saints understand we are called to walk in power with our brothers and sisters, even if we can't agree on a favorite color or the split for the offering.  We can no longer allow trivial disagreements or misunderstandings to break up relationships God has put in place for the work of the ministry.  We are interrupting the strategy and progress of the Kingdom in doing so.

Let me be clear... In this case, I am not addressing merely church membership.  This is in regard to leaders who are working to build the Church, the Body of Christ.

Godly relationships are based on covenant.  Therefore, we cannot be quick to walk away from one another.  We need to work through disagreements and restore these relationships unless God, who established the covenant in the first place, announces is has been fulfilled.

Like a marriage, Kingdom covenants will have problems and disagreement.  That is not an excuse to simply walk away.  Gifts must work together to feed God's people and nurture them appropriately.  As leaders, we cannot do this alone.  The Kingdom is God is not an upward tier of power and authority, but a web of interdependent relationships.  When we shun God's gifts from our presence, we affect those we are leading.

Humility is in order.  Let's humble ourselves and restore all that God set in place.

Paul, Peter is coming back.  Though he didn't do things your way, he has completed God's work and remained faithful.  Can you receive him?  Selah.

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