Saturday, February 23, 2013

Form Letter Prophecy??? SMH

People of God, PLEASE stop seeking "a word" from false prophets turned celebrities. Use discernment.

No true prophet sends out blanket form letters to thousands of viewers, fans and donors with the same "prophecy" for everybody. No true prophet actually takes time to record your "personal" prophecy on CD. If it were really personal, wouldn't it make more sense for them to call you? Come on! God did not give them a vision of your situation. They did not see the state of your heart. Let's be real... that is NOT a personal letter or note to you. Do not be deceived.

You must be responsible for your own deliverance and your own salvation. Don't allow false prophets and teachers to deceive and take advantage of you. God loves each of us enough to place tangible leaders in our lives. STOP sending gifts and donations to those who don't care to know you or minister to you personally. Stop supporting those who are not reachable.

Whenever someone can ask you for money or time, and you respond, yet you're not ever able to reach them directly by phone, appointment, or anything of the sort... Well, that's a pimp, not a called man or woman of God!!!


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