Sunday, November 25, 2012

Do It in Private

Matthew 6:1-3  "Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.  Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:"

Leaders, while it's always nice to see what ministries are doing for our communities and God's people, we must be very careful to allow our works to speak for us.  Oftentimes, in our attempts to "advertise" for ministry, we share all the great things that are being done.  Yet, the word of God says that when we do so, we have our reward.

When we serve God in private, He will reward us openly.  In the same manner that Facebook is not the place to air our dirty laundry, we must be equally cautious of proclaiming all the great things we do for the Kingdom.  Humility is a necessity.

Remember Proverbs 27:2, which says, "Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips."  If you or your ministry have been a blessing to someone else, them THEM post it on Facebook and Twitter.

We must stop allowing the enemy to make us feel so good about what we SHOULD be doing anyway!  It's a trap...


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