Monday, January 03, 2011

I'm Delivered from YOU

Church, God is calling His people to be delivered from other people!  I’m not just talking about what others think of us, but I’m talking about the crutch that we develop from others.

In the Body of Christ, many of us feel better about ourselves because we always find it necessary to criticize someone else.  We are spending entirely too much time looking at the specs in the eyes of our brothers and sisters while neglecting the beams in our own!

Over the last week, I have been off work for the holidays.  During this time, I really paid attention to the sermons I heard, the posts on Facebook and the status updates on MySpace.  I listened to the messages on YouTube, and heard something very common and disturbing.  The Church has made a vocation out of putting down one another.  Criticism is everywhere, and people seem to think that it somehow makes them more anointed.

There will be occasions when rebuke and correction are necessary.  Still, slander is another thing.  Gossip is a different story.  Constant complaining is unfounded.  The church is full of people who are made righteous, in their own sight, only because they are able to rally up enough supporters to agree that someone else is wrong.

What happened to exhorting and teaching one another?  What happened to restoring our brothers and sisters?

As I observed, I began to do exactly what God intended for me to do – look inwardly.  I, too, have found myself rallying against others to “prove a point.”  I have had to repent, and must consistently be careful as I move forward.  I was taught, in many respects, that this is what prophets do.  The devil is a liar!  Yes, God has called us to show transgressors their ways, but He has not called us to broadcast their mistakes to others without ever making an attempt to correct them in person and in love.

It’s time for the body to unify.  We need to watch our mouths and our motives.  We are called to preach the GOSPEL, not the mistakes or opinions of those with whom we disagree.  We must declare to one another, “I am delivered from you!  Keeping my mind on you is causing me to miss God and think I’m okay.  I’ve made you an idol, but comparing myself to you rather than Christ.  Self-righteousness is dying in me today!”


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