Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Have You Chosen MISERY Over ROYALTY?

In this season, many of God’s people are feeling lost and forsaken. Why has God left me? Why is my life so difficult? Why the stress and anxiety?

Today, God is saying “Stop choosing misery over royalty!” What we fail to realize is that oftentimes, our suffering is due to our own decisions. God desires great things for His people. It is His will that none would perish. Yet, He allows us free will. That free will doesn’t extend only in the realm of sin versus righteousness, but in every decision we make.

In 1st Samuel, chapter 8, the word of God tells us about a time when the people of Israel desired a king. Though God Himself led them, delivered them, fed them and spoke to them, the people allowed the lust of their eyes to take over. They realized that other nations had kings and governments. Looking at others caused them to take for granted the things they had.

It’s often funny to me how so many churches are telling their people they should be debt-free while in the same breath preaching a prosperity message full of houses and cars. Who said that prosperity means a Jaguar and a 5000-square-foot home? Who said that a single man or woman in their 40’s is not in a wealthy place? Who decided that a preacher must have the finest clothes and shoes? Is that in the Holy Scriptures? Certainly not! It’s a standard set by the world! Since when should God’s people set God’s standards by those of the world?

Like the children of Israel, many of us have taken for granted the blessings that come with living a simple, holy lifestyle. We’ve missed the benefits of relationship with God. Remember the peace and contentment you felt even when you didn’t have so much? Remember the presence of God that was with you when you didn’t have the title and education? Do you recall the zeal you had for the word before you had the burden of “building” a big church? What happened? You did run well? Who or what has hindered you?

Just as God’s people experienced in 1 Samuel 8, many of us are suffering because we asked to be in bondage. We prayed for homes and vehicles that were outside of our budget. We married men and women who were not serving God. We attended churches for status rather than following the anointing. We’ve made decisions based on appearance rather than substance. While God’s forgiveness is there, consequences are still very real, even to the born-again believer!

Now, we find ourselves in many cases, praying for a way out. Yet, the contract that was signed for that Escalade contained all the warnings, just as God warned the people about their future king. He told them that bondage was coming. That automobile contract detailed the interest rate and the monthly payment. Yet, the dotted line was still signed. That man or woman gave all the wrong signs. Yet a trip down the aisle was more important, at the time, than waiting for the right one. Selah.

People of God, it’s time to reset our priorities. God has not left us. He has not forsaken us. Yet, He’s blessed us with the freedom of CHOICE. We must choose to follow Him in ALL things. We must understand how to deny the flesh. This is not the season for indulgence. His grace is sufficient for thee! Truly, godliness WITH CONTENTMENT is great gain!

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