Monday, June 14, 2010

Stop Feeding Dogs at the Table

Matthew 7:6
Do not give that which is holy (the sacred thing) to the dogs, and do not throw your pearls before hogs, lest they trample upon them with their feet and turn and tear you in pieces.

When I was a child, feeding animals from the table was something that most people just didn’t do. It was considered to be unsanitary and unclean. Besides, once you feed a dog from the table, they will sit at your feet and beg. You’ll never have a peaceful meal again. Not only that, but a dog will never appreciate the efforts put into a good home-cooked meal. To the normal pooch, meat is meat. Drink is drink.

In the spirit realm, many of us are suffering heightened levels of frustration because we’ve forgotten the words that Jesus spoke. He instructed us not to case our pearls before dogs and swine. What did He mean by that?

Of course, the people were not actually giving pearls to dogs and pigs. Jesus’ instruction was allegorical, meaning that we should not sew our treasures into those that are not appreciative.

In the Body of Christ, those of us who minister the Gospel struggle with this concept on a daily basis. In our zeal to do the work of the Lord, it’s not uncommon for us to attempt to minister to everyone, pray for everyone and bless everybody. Then, we are tired and frustrated because many take advantage of the work.

People of God, examine your table today. Who are you feeding from the table that God has spread for you? Are you dining with like-minded people who can relate to the work of the ministry? Do your dinner guests know how to live holy and use seasoned speech? Or are you just sharing your meal with the house pets… those who are present and benefit, but make no contribution to the household, have no respect for the anointing and refuse to live according to the Word of God?

Think about it… Have you ever had someone who despised the gift of God within you? They refuse to live right before God and completely discredit your advice when you share the word of the Lord with them. Yet, every time they need a breakthrough… real deliverance, they call you? Then, what happens? Of course, you get upset. You feel used, despised and taken advantage of.

We must not get discouraged when people don’t respect the gifts and callings that are on our lives. Too many of us are trying to “convince” those that are not mature in God of who we are. Why? Did not Jesus instruct us to carry the Gospel and shake the dust off our feet when the Word of God is refused (Matthew 10:14).

Stop putting so much effort into pleasing those that do not desire a relationship with God. Refrain from sowing into those that don’t respect your anointing. Certainly, we are to pray and love one another. However, God does not expect us to continue sowing our revelation into those that will not obey Him.

Be careful who you share your revelation with. It was feeding dogs at the table that caused Joseph to be hated of his brothers and Daniel to be despised by his colleagues. Not everyone is able or willing to accept and appreciate what God is doing in and through you! Selah.

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