Saturday, January 09, 2010

War on American Soil?

People of God, I don't make a habit of sharing all of my dreams publicly, but last night God showed me a very powerful and scary thing. I've been in prayer as to what action I should take with the dream - whether to simply intercede or share it. In this case, I must share what God showed me.

Again, the dream was very disturbing... even to the point that I found myself almost afraid to go back to sleep. Yet, I know that it was of God, and I know it is a message of warning unto this nation. That means that IT CAN BE STOPPED, but we must be ready in any event.

Before getting into the details, I must also say that I believe the word of God. We know and prophecy in part, but I know that someone else has more to add. If that is you, please share as God leads.

In the dream, my family was in the car. My husband just picked me up from work, and he was driving. My two children were in the back seat of the car, and our radio was on. As we were coming down the highway, I saw a helicopter in the sky, then a strange looking plane. I told my husband to look, and when he saw the plane, he said, "That's a war plane... a fighter jet!"

Neither of us knew why the plan was in the air, but then we began to see more of them. They were flying low to the ground, and my husband (a former marine) kept saying that something just wasn't right. Then, we saw one of the planes drop a bomb on a building. Now, the bombs on these planes were not the big bombs that we see on TV. When they dropped, they took out 2-3 floors of each building. They were also manned planes. We watched in awe as a swarm of them appeared in the sky and just starting dropping bombs on building after building.

Of course, the traffic began to back up. On the radio, the regular station was interrupted by a news caster stating that we were under some sort of terroist attack. It was announced over the airways that these planes were attacking government buildings of all sizes. Anyone in a government building was advised to go to the bottom floor and escape to a neighboring building. Everyone else was told to stay put, including vehicles since they were not being targeted.

Just moments after that announcement, my husband took an exit off the highway, and we went to a friends apartment to get off the roads. I don't know who this particular couple was, but they were very afraid. While I was there, my mobile phone rang. It was a former co-worker asking me what was happening. At her job, she could only get bits and pieces of the news. As I was on the phone, I looked out of the friends window and noticed large pieces of brick falling off her building. "Your apartment has been bombed!", I screamed. She asked us to leave and take some of her belongings.

Frantic, we left the apartment and got back in the car. We strapped this kids in quickly, as they were asking lots of questions. I then made a phone tree to call to tell my church members that Bible study was canceled due to the bombings. This let me know it took place on a Wednesday.

My husband was trying to take a back road out of the apartment complex, and we saw one of the planes bomb a hotel just a few blocks away. It took out the top 4 or 5 stories of the building. Eventually, we made our way back onto the highway, but traffic was almost at a stand still.

Then, to my left, I looked and saw another type of jet. It appeared to be almost flat. It turned on its side and started spraying bullets at the fighter plans, shooting them out of the sky. My husband was amazed and afraid. He told me they were "our" planes shooting down the enemy plans. The maneuvers they made under the highways and between the buildings were amazing, but there were now planes falling out of the sky.

As the radio news continued talking about a terroist attack, I was wondering how in the world planes could come over American soil, undetected. Then, there was a special message from the president. His tone was very angry, as he said "We are being attacked!" I don't remember the exact words, but he stressed that someone had declared war on us. This wasn't "just" a terroist attack, but an organized attack from a government somewhere.

In the dream, I understood that the east and west coasts were the target. Eventually, and rather quickly, American jets came in to shoot down all the planes. The entire attack seemed to last only 30-40 minutes, yet so many lives were lost. People were devestated, and hundreds of buildings were destroyed.

I was simply in awe! How could this happen? How and why could hundreds of fighter planes simply fly into our airspace and begin an all-out attack on the American people?

When I woke up from the dream, I was very disturbed. This was a VERY REAL dream... I have been in prayer for this country, and ask that you join me. This country and its leaders must be alert. The enemy is real, and America has turned its back against God. Our leaders must be covered in prayer, and they must seek divine counsel in order to protect our people.


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