Thursday, December 10, 2009

Annual Review and Evaluation - Take Inventory!

If any of you are like me, you work on a job that gives an annual performance review. At least once a year, I sit down with my manager to review my goals and accomplishments. Based on my performance since the last evaluation, I receive a grade and potentially, a raise.

Recently, I’ve received a number of phone calls from people, including those in ministry, who feel as though God has not moved in their lives. Oh, I beg to differ!

I have been thinking today, not only about myself, but many others as well. I can truly see, when I take the time to think about it, how far God has brought me over the last year. Not all my growth is financial or material, but I thank God even for the maturity in the Spirit. That is so important, though often overlooked. God made a promise to His people – that He would not leave us. I believe the word of God today!

I encourage us to journal and take note of our requests. Many may be surprised to see that indeed, God has allowed us to move from glory to glory!

In the same manner, as we reflect over the past year, it’s important to look at what was missed. How many assignments from God remain neglected? When did fear stifle my growth? In what areas was I disobedient or lackadaisical?

Rather than chasing now the new prophecy for 2010, let’s reflect on 2009. God reveals so much through reflection over our own lives.


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