Friday, February 27, 2009

Do You Feel the Urgency?

This is a quick message of encouragement to the people of God...

God has been "shaking" up some of you. You feel anxious, in a sense, but you are nervous about what is going to happen. The Father wants you to know this is He. He is shaking you for a season of spiritual activity such as you have not experienced before.

People of God, we have work to do! For too long, many of us have been comfortable and lazy. We are "busy" in the natural, but still in the spirit realm. Wake up. Stir up the gifts that are inside of you. God is placing many of you in a position of discomfort, but this is different. It's not pain. It's not tribulation. It's just STRANGE. Obey in this season. God is trying to get your attention. Count the costs and do whatever it takes.

This is the season to SEEK the Lord. Close your closet and pray. Fast and cry out to God. He WANTS you to seek Him. The answers will not come as easily as they once did. You must launch out! You must sacrifice.

The "strange" dreams... The "strange" changes in your body... The "strange" urgency to seek your enemies for forgiveness... The "strange" way you have been worshipping... God is doing a new thing! Trust Him.


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