Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Look at my DADDY!!!!

I received the following email message from a woman of God today. I don't know if she would want her name posted, so we'll call her Prophetess S.S. This prophet of God know OF me, but she doesn't know me. She has seen the Lord write through me, but has no idea of the things I have been going through and dealing with. There is so much no one knows other than my Heavenly Father and me.

I am at work, but when I received this, I danced and screamed. It may seem simple to most, but when you feel as if you fighting against the pricks, just trying to please God, a simple word can mean so much! I am encouraged, and I know my Daddy loves me!

Prophetess S.S., thank you for being obedient. You don't know the half, but you obeyed the God that does!!!

Where is Prophet JOY? Is she M.I.A.?

Is not the JOY of the Lord your strength? Did I not give you the spirit of JOY to share with others? Is it not true that weeping may endure for a night but JOY cometh in the morning? Then think it not strange that Devil might fight to steal your JOY!!!

JOY……where is my JOY? God is not a man that He should lie; neither the son of man that he should repent! Bring the spirit of JOY to the world!!!!

Whatever attacked you in this last season came to steal your JOY but God said He is given you power over those spirits! The devil has no right to anything you have……especially your JOY!!! It is a gift from God and He expects you to infuse His glory of JOY to the nations!!!! Go forth in the name of JESUS and tell them of the Good News!!!!! JESUS CHRIST!

Where is your JOY? Where is Prophetess JOY?

God put you on my heart and I hear God calling you to come forth!!! Its your time!!!

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