Tuesday, September 26, 2006

On a Personal Note...

Unlike most of my blog entries, this is one of a personal experience. I am requesting the prayers and support of the true saints of God who want to see God’s will fully manifested through His people.

During the last few months, I have been truly blessed by God as He has awakened some gifts that have been dormant in me for a long time. Since I can remember, I had many prophetic dreams and visions, even as a young child. Yet, because they scared me, I suppressed the gift and ran from it. While in college, I began experiencing them again, but still did not understand why. I thought I was strange. My friends thought I was “weird.” No one wanted to know what I thought, because they felt I was able to curse situations.

Now that I am maturing in the prophetic, God has me in place where I am becoming more comfortable with the gifts, and He is sending them constantly. God has also given me instruction to speak more. My personality is one of a quiet and very obscure person. I was taught to speak when spoken to, and I’ve already ruffled the waters at enough churches. After being kicked out of a few and labeled everything from a heretic to an infidel, I lost my fight. Now, God is resurrecting that again…that passion for holiness without compromise that a prophet is called to carry.

So, I had to ask God to clarify my instruction. Yes, I hear His voice and I’m able to communicate His messages. However, over the last few months, I’ve been seeing more than I’m hearing, and I’ve had a difficult time putting what I see into words. The funniest thing finally happened. God reminded me of a movie I’d seen a couple months ago called “Jeremiah.” The movie actually belongs to my Pastors and their children. Their eldest child was spending the week with our family when I saw it. In the move, there is a scene where Jeremiah is frightened by a vision. He looks around and quickly becomes confused about why he is seeing things that no one else seems to notice. Then, God simply asks him, “Jeremiah, what do you see?” As he told God what he could see, the Lord began giving him more revelation, from which the message became clear.

Now, God is dealing with me in a similar manner. I distinctly heard Him say on Sunday during our worship service, “Joy, what do you see?” It was such an awesome vision. All I could do was look and cry. I saw the church doors fly open with a beautiful beam of light shining in. Then, there were men in white scrubs that walked into the room. Though they walked, it was as if they were floating. They had measuring tapes. They began measuring the doors, the altar, the walls and even the people.

As I stood there is service (still wondering if I’m a little crazy), God asked me again, “Joy, what do you see?” As I began to speak out and describe the vision, a prophetic word came forth for our house. It was a clear word of substance and significance, confirming many things God has already spoken to our leaders. I was completely overwhelmed by the peace that transpired.

When I got home, I had to thank God for the leaders I have, who constantly push me to walk boldly and use the gifts I’ve been given. During that time, God gave me instruction to begin sharing more of these visions, even when I don’t understand the totality of the meaning. They come so often now, that I barely have time to write them down. Yet I know God is speaking through them, and giving warning to the Body of Christ.

So, I wanted to take this opportunity to solicit the prayers of those who operate as Seers. I am praying for more clarity, more understanding and more faith in my Father, that I won’t hesitate at His command. God is waking and shaking His people, because a shift in the spirit realm is taking place. This is a season of preparation and warning. We must take heed.

I also want to encourage those that have dormant gifts waking up inside them. Do not run from the weapons God has given. Use them to expose the enemy, to edify the Body of Christ, to warn God’s people of what is ahead. Most importantly, just BE OBEDIENT.

To God be the glory!

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