Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Wave is Coming...

During a prayer meeting, the Lord showed me a vision...a large tidal wave coming toward a large group of people, who all seemed to be seeking Him. When the wave came through, many were overtaken, but some miraculously rode the wave and simply tread the waters as the wave came through. Even those who survived had some struggle, but they were safe. The majority of the crowd, however, were soon floating on the water, lifeless.

The Lord gave me the interpretation of the vision. God is speaking to His church. The Lord says that as we have seen increasing natural disasters in the world, so shall it be in the church. The Lord said He is stretching forth His hand of judgment, and it must begin in His house. The people of God who are operating in ministry AND disobedience to the Father will be destroyed. Even those who have been obedient will be effected, but not destroyed. In the vision, the Lord showed me that those who survived still got wet and had to struggle. So shall it be in the church. The Lord said that even the elect who have obeyed my voice AND my written Word will have to struggle to survive my wrath. They will be effected on every side because of what they have allowed. God said His called MUST rise up. When He speaks and we do not warn fellow man, their blood is on our hands.

To those who hear the voice of God and know is those who have been called to a specific work...NOW IS THE TIME! Silence is over. God says SPEAK AND WORK in this hour. Not only to save others, but to save yourselves.


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