Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Be Still and Know...

What is ministry?

This is the very thing God has been dealing with me about lately. I am in a place where the Lord has me quiet and still. So many times, we mistake "business" for ministry. Even when our business is good and well-intended, our many works do not move God. We can preach, prophesy...even give to the poor. Yet, we must FIRST minister to the Father.

I have really been repentent over the last few days. Through my pastors and spiritual leaders, the Lord brought forth a word two weeks ago, and is still dealing with me about the same. It's this entire idea of giving God the worship HE desires.

Thinking things over, I realize that like myself, there are so many others in ministry whose schedules are completely packed with "good things" they are doing. Yet, I must admit, I have often wondered when many of them have time to HEAR from God. When is there time to study His Word? Where is the time to fast and pray? Do they ever have an opportunity to just WAIT on God? Now, I find myself asking those questions of ME.

Father, I never want to be so busy that I miss you!

In fact, it is my prerogative to seek the Lord's face before doing anything...even if it seems to be good. Obedience is what God is looking for. Even if I fulfill a wonderful assignment - giving to the poor, preaching the Gospel to prisoners, clothing orphans...whatever it may be...if I don't complete the specific assignment God has called ME to do, I am disobedient and have missed the mark! It all boils down, then, to being too busy to HEAR and OBEY God.

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